Feb 8, 2011

Embracing XPages

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  1. Celina Insurance Group is a small regional insurance company located in Celina, Ohio. We are a pretty big Lotus Notes/Domino/Sametime shop and have been using these tools for more than a decade to transform our company from paper based to web based achieving both business growth and business profit. We have used some of the more advanced coding techniques available in the Domino platform like JSON, AJAX, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, LotusScript etc. to build a site that looks great and is extremely functional for our agents. In January of 2011, we introduced some limited XPages functionality into our re-designed agency portal. As the world has changed and we are being asked to support more operating systems and more devices and as we want to provide an even better web experience, we have chosen to introduce XPages in a much bigger way into our environment.

    Our first major XPages application will be to create functionality that allows our independent agents to do a new business quote for one line of business in one of our operating territories. The agent will then turn that quote into an insurance application and upload it to our back end DB2 based system. We know we could do this faster if we modeled it off of some of the current functionality we already have, but we are using this as a good learning tool.

    The purpose of this blog is to document our journey. We know we will stumble. We know we will go down some of the wrong paths. We know that there is a lot to learn about this topic. Feel free to follow us on this adventure and comment as we go.

    Rob Shoenfelt
    Celina Insurance